Microsoft Office 365 Updates

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a series of subscription services from Microsoft as a part of their Microsoft Office product range. It was originally called “OneDrive” which was one of the original names for the Office suite. The name has been changed to Microsoft Office 365 as a way to simplify the name change. This service is usually sold as a subscription or membership based service. In most cases you will receive access to Microsoft Office Online, which is normally part of the package.

The basic plan for Microsoft Office 365 pro plus is generally similar to other online subscriptions, with the most notable feature being the cloud services option. Microsoft provides three different plans: Windows Business Solutions, Windows Business Premium and Microsoft Office 365. The most common plan amongst users is the Windows Business Solutions plan, as it is aimed at mid-sized companies who need more than just an Office application and are also ready to get into e-business. Windows Business Solutions requires that your business meet specific requirements (for instance, over a specific number of employees, specified hours of operation etc.) before you can be successfully delivered the service.

Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions include two products:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus and Microsoft Office Online. The Office applications included in the subscriptions include: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Word Pro. The cloud services that are included in the subscription vary, with most users using the Office apps on their smartphones, tablets and PCs. The key benefits of using Office on the go are increased productivity, access to additional productivity tools and instant access to documents when they are needed most.

One of the biggest problems for users using Microsoft Office 365 on the go is the lack of document organization and collaboration options. For example, if you were to work on a presentation, create a Power Point presentation and then use Microsoft Office on your mobile device to upload the slides to a web-based version, how would you be able to keep track of individual sections or the overall presentation? Microsoft Office on the go offers the ability to access your files from any device – including your smartphone, tablet, laptop and web browser – where you have an internet connection. You can also view, edit, search and share documents from any place, at any time.

In order to get the most out of Microsoft Office on the go,

it’s important that you have the latest version of the software. As part of Microsoft Office 365 suite, Microsoft has released the latest version, Microsoft Office 2010. This brings along some improvements that were mostly unnoticeable to previous versions. For example, the new text fonts are easier to read and understand. Some features that were seen as being quite similar to previous versions, such as the drop down menu option in PowerPoint, have been improved in this latest version.

Another great feature introduced into the Microsoft Office suite is Microsoft Office Now. With the help of a simple swipe gesture, you can instantly go to the OneNote or project page in Microsoft Office Now. This is particularly useful for people who need to access a document while they are traveling, or in a meeting, but still want to have access to their Word document in the future.

Microsoft Office 365 personal and business plans aimed at businesses are available in different price ranges and features. Office 365 Personal is aimed at individuals and is the cheaper of the two suites. It has less features than the other suite and is the lowest priced of the three. Business plans aimed at larger companies contain a lot more features and might cost more than personal plans, depending on what the company needs. There are three value plans currently available in Microsoft Office 365: Standard, Plus and Premier.

  • While the Office 365 personal plan is cheaper than the other two suites, it has less features and is not mobile.
  • If you do require mobile Office, then you will probably be better off purchasing the Office 365 business plan since it contains a wider range of mobile apps.
  • Regardless of which of the Microsoft Office 365 plans you decide on, you are sure to improve your office productivity with the help of this valuable software.